Convenient ordering: Infomir 3D Printing has improved the service

Infomir 3D Printing connects an online cloud service for quick and easy ordering of 3D printing. This will provide customers with simple ordering, the calculation of their price, and professional support. The resource will allow our customers to: Register a personal account Track order history Use...

Infomir 3D Printing doubles its HP Jet Fusion 5210 industrial line output

We are pleased to inform you that Infomir now has everything in place to start its second HP Jet Fusion 5210 industrial 3D printing line and the equipment has already been installed. The additional printing line will enable the company to handle twice as many orders as before.  Especially for our...

Additive technologies in computer-aided manufacturing

Present-day industrial manufacturing becomes increasingly computer-aided day by day. Reduced manual labor eliminates errors and human factors, making the conveyor line more efficient.  TeleTec keeps up with global trends: the company’s engineers have designed a computer-aided soldering station....

Medical Services
Orthos Impress startup: invisible and painless smile correction

Industrial 3D printing simplifies production in many industries, such as construction, architecture, engineering, aerospace, design, and even medicine. This article is about how Infomir 3D Printing helped Orthos Impress, a Ukrainian startup.   About Orthos Orthos dental clinics provide invisible...

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Ready to get started?

We will give you tips for 3D printing, help to check the product design, launch full-scale production, print a model set or a medical product.

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