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Weight250, gгр
Volume0.25, cu mмм3
площадь поверхности0.25, cu mсм2

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The minimum cost of an order is UAH 500. Upload your 3D model and select a color. Our specialists will manufacture and deliver the finished products to the specified address.
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The printer supports only .stl format with triangular polygons. For the product to be durable and easily cleaned of polymer powder residue, the model has to be prepared for printing.

Our major requirements for 3D models are as follows:
Wall thickness ≥ 0,5 mm
Hole diameter for a 1 mm wall thickness ≥ 0,5 mm
Diameter of the 10 mm high protrusion (rod) ≥ 0,5 mm
Gap between 1 mm thick parts ≥ 0,5 mm
Font for printing 6 points or more
Gap between the walls ≥ 0,5 mm
Protrusion (recess) height ≥ 1 mm
Grid spacing ≥ 1 mm

To make it easier to clean and grind hollow parts from the inside, it is recommended to leave at least two holes of 2 mm diameter in the model.

For a complete list of preparation requirements, see the Model Printing Preparation Guide.

Upload your 3D model, indicate the quantity and color of the products, and we will calculate the cost for 3D printing.

The minimum cost of an order is UAH 500. Make sure to describe your project and leave your contact details so that we can contact you. Once your order is paid for, we will print and ship it with Nova Poshta. For large and regular orders, special terms apply.

If the model has non-standard dimensions, or the file size exceeds 25 MB, contact our manager for an accurate price calculation:

+380 99 075 59 95


We work with individuals, legal entities, and individual entrepreneurs.

Infomir 3D Printing keeps your projects completely safe. All 3D files you upload to the 3D printing price calculator are end-to-end encrypted, which means no one can see or take possession of them.

To protect your intellectual property and maintain the confidentiality of your business processes, we recommend signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Please upload the draft Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), complete, and send it to 3dprint@infomir.com

Printing costs depend on the number and weight of finished products. These parameters are what defines polymer consumption, printing time, and finishing process time.

The printing cycle lasts 3-5 days and depends on the volume of the order, the features of the models and the current production load. To find out the exact timing of printing and delivery, contact the Infomir manager:

+380 99 075 59 95


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