Model preparation

How do I prepare my model for printing?
How many models can I include in an STL file?
Do models with complex geometry require supporting elements?
What are the maximum dimensions?

Order placement

How do I place a 3D printing order?
Do you sign NDAs?
How do I upload my 3D model file into the online calculator?
What is your Privacy Policy?

Price and payment

How is the printing price calculated?
How do I pay for my order?
Do you grant discounts?

Printing and finishing

Do you provide 3D scanning/modeling services?
What process does HP Jet Fusion 5210 use?
How is Multi Jet Fusion different from SLS?
How can the PA 12 items be bonded?
Do you do post-processing?
What kind of dust and moisture protection will the builds have?
What color will the build have?
How precise is MJF printing?
How fast does HP Jet Fusion 5210 print?
How long does it take you to fulfill orders?


What makes HP PA 12 different from ABS and resin?
What material do you use for 3D printing?
What safety certificates does the PA 12 material have?
What materials do you use for prototype building?


Where are you located?
Do you ship orders internationally?


Are the tours free?
How many visitors do you accept at a time?
Who guides the tour?
Where is your production facility based?
Can I ask questions during the tour?
How can I get samples?
How long is the tour?
Who visits your facility tours?
Are photography and filming allowed on your tours?

Demo box

What is a demo box?
What does a demo box include?
How do I get a demo box?

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

We will give you tips for 3D printing, help to check the product design, launch full-scale production, print a model set or a medical product.

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Application form

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