How do you prepare your model for printing?

The station supports only *.stl and*.3mf triangulated models. The model needs to be prepared for printing to ensure that your part is durable and can quickly be cleaned up from the excess polymer powder.
Our general requirements for 3D models are as follows:
Part element Limit
Wall thickness ⩾ 0.5 mm
Hole diameter at a wall thickness of 1 mm ⩾ 0.5 mm
Protrusion (arm) diameter (10 mm height) ⩾ 0.5 mm
Gap between parts (1 mm thickness) ⩾ 0.5 mm
Font for printing ⩾ 6 pt
Gap between walls ⩾ 0,5 mm
Protrusion (depression) height ⩾ 1 mm
Grid spacing ⩾ 1 mm

For hollow parts, leave at least two holes 2 mm in diameter for easier cleaning and internal finishing.
For the full list of requirements, see our model preparation guide.