How does Multi Jet Fusion technology differ from that of SLS?

Like selective laser sintering (SLS), Multi Jet Fusion is a powder-based technology. Unlike SLS however, the polymer is not spot-fused by laser, instead, with MJF technology the powder is processed with a bonding agent and is sintered using infrared light.

If an SLS printer is loaded to 100%, it can take up to 30 hours to sinter and cool the parts. For MJF however, printing takes 12.5 hours and accelerated cooling takes 4 hours.

The PA 12 polyamide that we use for printing allows us to create denser and less porous products than is possible with selective laser sintering. This all means that products printed with Multi Jet Fusion technology have stable mechanical properties and a more detailed and smoother surface.

If you want products with intricate designs, thin walls, inscriptions, and logos, Multi Jet Fusion and PA 12 will definitely work best.

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