Custom weapon parts for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Yuma Customs

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custom weapon parts


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Yuma Customs is a specialized atelier that develops and makes unique solutions for sporting and hunting weapons. The company manufactures custom forearms, handles, stocks, butts, and other accessories for rifles and shotguns. 


Client’s problem

Yuma Customs accepted an order from the Ukrainian Armed Forces to manufacture shotgun and gun components (ten unique parts in total). Basically, the order required the parts to be lightweight, durable, fall-proof, and turned around quickly. Yuma Customs used different 3D printing technologies, but none delivered satisfactory results. 



Yuma Customs passed this order to Infomir 3D Printing. We printed the parts using our HP Jet Fusion 5210 industrial line and HP PA 12 polyamide. This material enables us to manufacture durable items resistant to moisture, UV light, and chemicals. The end products offer 1,200 DPI, with a layer thickness of 80 microns. 

Once printed, the products were sandblasted and delivered to Yuma Customs by a postal company called Nova Poshta.



The atelier received their components on time (1.5 weeks later). The products turned out to be lightweight, durable, and suitable for use in combat conditions. Backed by the modern MJF printing technology, we helped the client save about  US$ 2,000, which is essential in wartime.

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