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About the client

Kray Technologies is a Ukrainian startup that manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). These devices are used in agriculture to treat plants and deliver fertilizers to fields.


Client’s problem

The company had to manufacture the thinnest possible parts to reduce the weight of finished products. Originally, those were made using silicone molds and casting. However, drones contain uncastable small parts, thin tubes, and connection elements with complex geometry. 

Also, the company regularly updates its model line-up. The drones are improved and modernized, which involves changes to the size and design of certain parts. Creating a new mold for every new part is costly and time-consuming. 

As some of the drones are intended for aerial spraying, it was important for the client that the parts were resistant to humidity and chemical agents. That’s why it was challenging to select the most appropriate printing technology. 


Solving the client’s problem

The client decided to use the Multi Jet Fusion technology and came to Infomir 3D Printing. Backed by the unique technology and properties of the HP PA 12 printing material, we printed small parts with a high level of detail and repeatability.




All products are durable and resistant to mechanical stress, moisture, and chemicals. On average, Kray Technologies prints several dozen drone components per month at Infomir 3D Printing.

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