Mold for pouring polyurethane



a mold for pouring polyurethane, a set of 2 parts


81 g


85 x 40 x 31 mm

Customer problem

To complete part of a production chain, the customer needed a mold for pouring polyurethane. One of the main requirements was for the product to withstand the temperature of liquid polyurethane (over 100 °C).

Other additive manufacturing technologies were not suitable due to insufficient print accuracy, quality of material, or too high a price.


Solving the client’s problem

Infomir 3D Printing made a mold based on the finished 3D model and sent it to the customer after sandblasting.



In 5 days, Infomir 3D Printing specialists printed a mold for pouring polyurethane, consisting of two parts. The high resolution of the equipment made it possible to reproduce all the small details of the model accurately, and to print the product with tolerances of no more than 0.4 mm.

Thanks to the resistance of the HP PA 12 material to high temperatures, the mold withstands contact with liquid polyurethane. The client saved money and received a product of the required quality on time. After testing the mold, the customer was satisfied that the product withstands the pouring of polyurethane.

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