Optical sensor housings


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optical sensor housings


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25 x 68 x 25 mm // 22 x 10 x 22 mm // 6.5 x 68 x 25 mm // 24 x 14 x 60 mm

Client’s problem

The company representative needed 600 optical sensor housings for precision agricultural seeding systems. Seeders often operate in electronics-unfriendly environments. For that reason, housings must withstand extreme temperatures and be moisture-resistant. Other 3D printing technologies failed to deliver the desired results due to low performance and quality, unacceptable deadlines, or high printing costs.



The client provided a ready-made 3D model that Infomir 3D Printing used to print 600 items of several types (25 x 68 x 25 mm // 22 x 10 x 22 mm // 6.5 x 68 x 25 mm // 24 x 14 x 60 mm). Once printed, the housings were painted black. The whole process took six business days.



Backed by high precision and continuous printing capacities, Infomir 3D Printing managed to manufacture items tailored to the client’s needs. All in all, the client saved time and money.

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