Respirator Cover for Mikrofiltr LLC


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respirator cover


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Mikrofiltr LLC is a Ukrainian personal protective equipment manufacturer. They have been in production since 1990. The company’s product range includes respirators with different classes of protection, filtering half-masks, civilian gas masks, light protective suits and filter absorbers.


Customer problem

For the production the Mikrofiltr LLC company’s products, a physical model of the respirator cover was required to coordinate the drawing for the design and manufacture of the mold at the “Pchelka” Ltd company. The size of the product is 84 x 103.5 x 28.7 mm. Specialists at Ltd “Pchelka” designed the product in accordance with the provided sample taking into account all the customer’s corrections and wishes. 


Solving the problem

Representatives of Ltd “Pchelka” turned to Infomir 3D Printing for help. Company employees provided a 3D model of the part. They were asked to print the product with maximum accuracy within 5 days and send it to Mikrofiltr LLC for approval. 



Infomir 3D Printing completed the order within the specified time and provided the customer with the necessary part. The product was printed on the industrial line of the HP Jet Fusion 5210 3D printer made of HP PA 12 polyamide. The printing technology makes it possible to create products with a detail of up to 1200 DPI and a layer thickness of 80 micrometers.

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