VR headset

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VR headset

Item weight:

175 g


170.09 x 90.21 x 146.04 mm

Client’s problem

A returning client approached Infomir 3D printing to make VR headset bodies. High precision was crucial, as all body elements had to connect seamlessly, without any gaps or bulges. Other 3D printing technologies were found to be unfit for the task because of high costs and insufficient printing quality.



Over six days, the Infomir 3D Printing team produced the headset body elements as per the 3D model provided. The finished builds were sandblasted and shipped to the client.



The client received 5 sets of VR headset body elements. Multi Jet Fusion technology enabled us to deliver builds that fully satisfied the client’s requirements at a lower price point, saving them UAH 2,000–3,000 on every set of body elements.

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