Decorative zodiac sign figurines


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plastic molds for the production of zodiac sign figurines


6–30 g


14–15 cm (height)

Protolit is a start-up specializing in small-volume production and finishing of plastic items. Some of its orders call for higher-capacity equipment and printing technologies that are not readily available. These orders are outsourced.



The start-up needed a mold to cast small souvenir figurines. The challenge lay in that the figurines’ surface was not to be smooth, but instead, have the appearance of shagreen. This meant that the printing precision had to be high enough to guarantee the required level of detail and definition. The company had only a few days to deliver the order. FDM or SLA printing could not provide the required quality, and casting was deemed unacceptable because of how expensive and time-consuming mold production is.



Protolit decided to use the Multi Jet Fusion technology to make highly detailed figurines and outsourced the job to Infomir 3D Printing. With the provided 3D model, Infomir 3D Printing built 6 molds in 5 days and sandblasted them before shipping to the client.



The client received durable molds with a faux shagreen finish. The builds had well-defined, precise contours and a superior level of detail due to the high printing resolution we provided (1,200 DPI with a layer thickness of 80 microns).

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