3D scanning

Get a complete 3D copy of your object with an accuracy of up to 10 microns. Our 3D scanners measure parts ranging from a few millimeters to several meters in size. We can scan casting molds, tools, individual vehicle parts, metal structures, and artwork.

What is 3D scanning used for?

3D scanning of automotive components, parts, and mechanisms

We create accurate 3D models of obsolete or discontinued parts and components and prepare 3D templates of mechanisms for modernizing and improving those parts. We also fulfill orders for both large car manufacturers and small service and tuning stations.

Scanning sculptures and artwork

We recreate exact copies of sculptures for private collections and cultural institutions. Ready-made models simplify the work of designers, architects, and constructors. Also, they can be used to renovate dilapidated decorative elements.

Scanning complex mechanical elements

We help technical specialists and engineers create accurate 3D models of complex parts and elements of special equipment. 3D scanning makes it easy to measure product dimensions and speeds up market entry.

3D scanner specifications

  • Our scanner can measure both small elements (with dimensions of a few millimeters) and large objects.

  • Accuracy of 0.1 mm

  • Export files to *.obj and *.stl

  • Scanning speed of up to 10 fps

  • Vast range of applications

3D scanning stages

1. Preparing the part and scanner

The part or object must be prepared for scanning by removing dirt and corrosion. Then it is locked firmly in place on the scanner.

2. Scanning

We scan the prepared object and make a point cloud out of it. We then assemble a raw 3D model from this data. It is ready for 3D printing but not for editing in CAD programs.

3. Model processing

We need a solid model to ensure the draft model can be edited or scaled in CAD systems. This is achieved by removing noise and artifacts from the scans and creating a 3D model with a design tree.

4. Use

We can send the finished 3D model to the customer via email or upload it to cloud storage. The files will be available in STL or OBJ formats and ready for printing.


3D scanning is the process of creating a digital model of a three-dimensional object. A 3D scanner (an optical device that captures the external parameters of objects) is used to create 3D models in this way. These parameters include size, proportions, surface texture, and even color.

Unlike manual 3D modeling with CAD systems, 3D scanning significantly reduces the time required to create a 3D model. Furthermore, the copies are more accurate since they are taken from a real object.

Our 3D scanner allows copies of objects up to 2 m in size to be created with handheld scanning or up to 0.5 m using a turntable.

Objects with any surface can be scanned. Our scanner can even take a copy of a living human.

The accuracy is up to 0.1 mm. It allows creating precise copies of objects with fine detailed structures.

Finished 3D models are uploaded in STL or OBJ formats.

Depending on the object’s complexity, shape, and size, a 3D scan takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

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