Printed samples

The demo box is a set of products printed using Multi Jet Fusion Technology. It includes prototypes, cases, movable parts, anatomical models, and keychains.

All parts are made from HP PA 12 polyamide. You can check their strength, porosity, as well as resistance to water and low and high temperatures. The demo box will help you find out if Multi Jet Fusion Technology is the fight choice for your project.

The cost of the demo set is 500 UAH. By prior order, Infomir creates and sends a demo box in Ukraine by Nova Poshta.

Test models for 3D printing: check the technology and material

  • Explore Infomir 3D Printing features

    The sample set will give you an insight into what our HP Jet Fusion 5210 line is up to.

  • See the printing precision for yourself

    See the product detailing and dimensional specs to ensure they are suitable for your project.

  • Test HP PA 12 polyamide

    3D printing testing: evaluate how strong and resistant to stress, water, and temperature the products are.

The set includes products from five industries

We update the demo box regularly. It always includes 7–10 products for different areas of application:

  • Prototypes

    Functional samples of parts and products with high-quality finish.

  • Device cases

    Assemblable cases for electronic devices for controlled assembly and application in finished products.

  • Parts of mechanisms

    Functional parts: gears, fasteners, tubes, and hinge joints.

  • Medical products

    Models of joints, jaws, and other organs; respirators, adapters for artificial ventilation, and other medical equipment.

  • Figures and keychains

    Promo gifts, figures of characters, keychains with detailed logos and inscriptions. The processing quality is not inferior to that of molding.

Test products to help you make a decision

Test products to help you make a decision

  • Manufacturers

    Cases, prototypes, and machinery help evaluate the detailing and assemblability of MJF-printed products.

  • Medical workers

    Anatomical models show how accurately MJF Technology reproduces human organs. Clinics find that polyamide is stronger than bones and is good for planning surgeries.

  • 3D printing studios

    The sample set clearly demonstrates how the HP Jet Fusion 5210 line will help studios fulfil orders in any industry, from architecture to medicine.

  • Start-uppers

    The dye and finish quality of products shows that prototypes printed by us are good for demonstration at exhibitions and presentation to investors.

  • Architects

    The detailing of products with thin elements help prove that MJF printing is fit for complex architectural models and reduces the amount of manual labor required.

Order 3D printing

  • 1. Upload your 3D model
  • 2. Specify the quantity and color
  • 3. Pay the order
  • 4. We print the product
  • 5. The order is shipped directly to you