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Orthopedic insoles

The customer had to test models of insoles to start his production. The finished product was required to be lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Bottle neck and cap

Bdzhilka (production and commercial company) is a company engaged in the design and manufacture of hot-runner multi-seat molds. The company also supplies injection molding machines, chillers, hopper dryers, loaders, crushers, thermoplastics, conveyor lines, and other equipment for molding plastic products.

Knife handle covers

A private customer needed to print a set of 20 knives for small-scale production. The dimensions of each product were 120x31x7 mm, with a weight of 13 grams.

3D printers help manufacturers and start-ups quickly and cost-effectively test their products before launching mass production. 3D printing capabilities and benefits don’‎t end there. Designed as an alternative to molding, the industrial printing solution HP Jet Fusion 5210 is perfect for small batch production. This section shows what kind of business you can start using a 3D printer and how you can commercialize 3D printing.

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