Infomir 3D Printing workshop tour

A free tour of Odesa’s production facilities provides a great chance to meet the Infomir 3D Printing team, ask questions, and enjoy a shared experience with your colleagues.

Meetings are held by the chief engineer and project manager. Our specialists have been trained by Hewlett Packard.

The tour lasts 3 hours. The group includes up to 10 visitors. Each group member receives a demo box with samples of printed parts as a gift.

You will be able to check the product strength and compare them with the parts printed using FDM technology.

Free 3 hours Group size – up to 10 people Odesa, 4/D Nebesnoyi sotni Ave

Meet the experts and learn all about the technology

  • Find out about our producibility

    Get to know our team and find out for sure how Infomir 3D Printing will help you solve your business problems.

  • Get an answer to any question

    Ask our chief engineer and manager questions, and get information from our specialists on how to apply 3D printing in your project.

  • Meet your colleagues

    One of the tour goals is networking. You will be able to share best practices with other manufacturers, doctors, and start-uppers.

Presentation, answers to questions, and networking

Presentation, answers to questions, and networking
In just two and a half hours you will be able to learn about the technology, materials, and conditions for collaboration. We’ll show you how the HP Jet Fusion 5210 line works and let you test out the finished products. You will be able to ask questions and get to know colleagues from other industries.

Tour program:

  • 1. Meeting visitors

    We will meet you at 4/D Nebesnoii Sotni Ave, in Odesa at the meeting time.

  • 2. 3D printing technology demonstration

    Our chief engineer will tell you about Multi Jet Fusion Technology and HP PA 12 polyamide, while the project manager will tell you all about pricing, shipping, and special partner discounts.

    Each of the guests will receive a demo box with samples of printed products as a gift.

  • 3. Coffee break

    Before visiting the production facilities, we will treat you to coffee or tea.

  • 4. Tour of the 3D printing workshop

    We will show you Infomir’s production facilities, a 3D printing line, and cooling and cleaning stations. You will be able to ask questions, test finished products, and take photos.

  • 5. Networking and gifts

    The tour visitors will have time to get to know each other, exchange contacts, and share the experience.

The tour will help the following categories make a decision

The tour will help the following categories make a decision

  • Manufacturers

    Manufacturers will be able to learn how the HP Jet Fusion 5210 line works, ask questions concerning 3D printings’ profitability compared to injection molding, and how to make prototypes with predictable quality at low cost.

  • Medical workers

    Doctors will appreciate how Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing can help plan surgeries, serve more patients, and protect staff. We will explain how HP PA 12 polyamide is suitable for organ models and medical equipment.

  • 3D printing studios

    They will get information on special discounts for studios and make sure they can entrust us with any complex orders from any industry, from manufacturing to medicine.

  • Start-uppers

    Start-uppers and entrepreneurs can find out how Multi Jet Fusion Technology-based 3D printing helps present products to investors and even create the first production batches.

  • Architects

    They can find out first-hand how MJF can be of benefit to them, and how the technology helps create detailed architectural models.

Order 3D printing

  • 1. Upload your 3D model
  • 2. Specify the quantity and color
  • 3. Pay the order
  • 4. We print the product
  • 5. The order is shipped directly to you