How does thermoplastic polyurethane TPU differ from polyamide HP PA 12?

Polyamide and thermoplastic polyurethane react equally to exposure to chemicals, moisture, and radiation. There are many common physical properties, but there are also some differences, as provided below.

  • The melting point of PA 12 powder is 187°C, and that of TPU is 192°C.
  • The particle size of PA 12 powder is 60 microns, and that of TPU is 100 microns (the printing resolution of polyamide is higher, so more detailed products can be printed from it).
  • Only solid products that do not change shape can be printed from polyamide. The properties of TPU make it possible to create flexible products and adjust the degree of their flexibility depending on the customer’s needs.

More details about polyamide and thermoplastic polyurethane can be found in the corresponding comparison table.

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