What does a demo box include?

The set includes items from different 5 industries.

We regularly update the demo set. It always includes 7–10 items for different applications:


Working samples of parts and finished items with a high-quality surface finish.

Device enclosures/casings

Multi-part enclosures or casings for electronic devices for fit-up assembly.

Mechanism parts

Working parts of mechanisms, e.g., cogs, mounts, tubes, and pivot joints.

Medical items
Models of joints, jaws, and other organs, respirators, ventilator adapters, and other medical items.
Figurines and keyrings

Souvenirs, character figurines, keyrings with detailed logos, inscriptions, and surface quality rivaling that of cast products.

Find out more: Free printed samples

Order 3D printing

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  • 4. We print the product
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