What materials do you use for prototype building?

We print products from Hewlett-Packard proprietary materials: HP PA 12 polyamide, polypropylene (PP), and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). All of them are stronger and more chemically resistant than ABS and photopolymers.

ABS plastic melts at a temperature of 105°C. The melting point for HP PA 12 is 187°C, for PP it is 138°C, and for TPU it is 192°C. All of these materials are resistant to stress, vibration, chemicals, and water. They are used in the automotive, industrial, medical, and other fields.

The strength of the product depends not only on the material but also on the thickness of its walls. Follow our guidelines on how to prepare models from HP PA 12, PP, and TPU for printing to obtain the best results.

Order 3D printing

  • 1. Upload your 3D model
  • 2. Specify the quantity and color
  • 3. Pay the order
  • 4. We print the product
  • 5. The order is shipped directly to you