Body parts for an OBD-device prototype

  • Модель:

    20 деталей для корпуса прототипа OBD-прибора

  • Масса:

    100 г

  • Размер:

    20,96 x 71,78 x 107,98 мм

Customer problem

A company involved in the development of OBD devices for cars needed to create a prototype to test a new device. As they worked on the concept, the team made changes not only to the electrical circuit and software, but also to the body design. One important requirement was high printing resolution, requiring that tolerances should not exceed 0.1 mm.

At the initial stage of production, the client used FDM, SLA and SLS technologies for printing prototypes. However, they did not provide the desired quality and turned out to be too expensive.

Solving the client’s problem

The specialists at Infomir 3D Printing helped the customer create a 3D model and then printed a set of necessary parts based on it.


Within two weeks, the Infomir 3D Printing team developed a 3D model and used it to print 20 body parts for the prototype OBD device. Due to the high resolution of the print line, it was possible to accurately recreate the smallest details of the products, all within the required tolerance (0.1 mm).

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