Water cannon parts made for a private client

  • Client:


  • Model:

    water cannon parts

  • Weight:

    410 g

Client’s problem

The client needed two identical parts for a water cannon. Dimensions: 324.3 x 113.5 x 125 mm. The finished item had to be durable and moisture-resistant. Casting was time-consuming and expensive for a one-off production, while conventional 3D printing using FDM technology wasn’t a perfect fit because the parts would break under the water pressure. 


The client opted to have the parts made using 3D printing, namely MJF technology, and turned to Infomir 3D Printing for this purpose. We printed the items using our Hewlett Packard Jet Fusion 5210 industrial line and HP PA 12 polyamide. The printing material enables us to manufacture durable and lightweight parts that are resistant to moisture, UV radiation, and chemicals. 


The client received two identical parts that are highly detailed and capable of withstanding the water pressure. We manufactured and shipped the items within five days.

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