Radio-controlled boat prototype

  • Model:

    boat model prototype

  • Weight:

    80 g

  • Dimensions:

    10 cm long

Client’s problem

Infomir 3D Printing received a request to print a radio-controlled boat prototype. The client had previously tested other 3D printing technologies, but the results had not been satisfactory. Due to design defects, air had torn at the stern and the low print resolution had failed to provide the fine details required. So far, molding turned out to be pricey and unworkable. 


Over five days, Infomir 3D Printing printed a radio-controlled boat prototype based on a 3D model. After sandblasting, we sent the item to the client via a delivery service.


Backed by Multi Jet Fusion technology, we created a durable, finely detailed, and water‑resistant item. It took only five days to complete the order.

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