Servo Box for Electronics

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  • Model:

    servo box for electronics, 120 sets

  • Weight:

    42 g

  • Dimensions:

    60.4 x 57 x 18.89 mm

Client’s problem

To support part of the production chain for small and middle-size batches, the manufacturer of tactical unmanned aerial vehicles needed to create 120 sets of servo boxes for electronics. The customer was looking for technology with high-definition printing and an affordable price.


Infomir 3D Printing Specialists helped the client to improve the 3D model. i.e. to calculate the tolerances and improve the design. After printing, the finished items were processed with sandblasting and delivered to the client.


In seven working days, 120 sets of servo boxes were printed on the Infomir 3D Printing production line. The client’s quality expectations to the required tolerances were fully met. The customer managed to reduce the costs and received the items that increased the production speed.

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