Back-seat Isofix cap

  • Model:

    Back-seat ISOFIX cap

  • Weight:

    25 g

  • Dimensions:

    67 × 40 × 80 mm

Client’s problem

To fulfill its order, a car repair shop needed three sets of ISOFIX caps for the back seat of a Mercedes ML164. Unable to source the parts elsewhere, the client decided to use 3D-printed ones, for which they approached Infomir 3D Printing.


It was the first time the client resorted to 3D printing something, so a 3D model of the product was unavailable. Infomir’s 3D Printing professionals developed the model from scratch, built the parts, and then sandblasted and dyed them black.


Over five days, Infomir 3D Printing created the 3D models from scratch and printed three sets of ISOFIX caps for the client. Due to the high resolution and precision printing, the caps were identical to the original ones.

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