Infomir 3D Printing Acquires a Third HP Jet Fusion Line, Broadening Printing Material Options

We are excited to share that our capabilities are taking a significant leap forward with the addition of a third HP Jet Fusion 3D printing line, accompanied by an expansion of our selection of materials.

Among the notable developments is the introduction of two new 3D printing materials, namely polypropylene and thermoplastic polyurethane. These innovative materials complement our existing selection, which includes polyamide PA 12, and provide expanded possibilities for our clients.

  • Polypropylene offers the potential to fabricate robust products with a notable resistance to chemical exposure. It proves advantageous for applications where resilience to harsh environments and minimal moisture absorption are critical factors. This material presents fresh avenues for manufacturers, designers, and engineers to explore innovative solutions.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) allows making products characterized by exceptional elasticity and chemical resilience. It is perfect for applications that require a balance of strength and flexibility, unlocking new possibilities in fields such as medical devices, engineering prototypes, and various other innovative product developments.

This will not only expand our portfolio of materials but also increase production capacity. We are now equipped to handle larger order volumes, offering  clients quicker and more efficient solutions.

To try out our new materials and place orders, simply upload your 3D model using our online calculator and complete the feedback form.

For inquiries and order placements, please feel free to reach out to us:

Phone: +380-99-075-59-95



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