Infomir 3D Printing is joining the HP Digital Manufacturing Network

Infomir 3D Printing is proud to announce that it has joined the HP Digital Manufacturing Network (HP DMN) as an official partner. This significant step not only strengthens our position in the Eastern European additive technology market, but also opens up new opportunities for our customers, offering them a wide range of 3D printing benefits.

What is the HP Digital Manufacturing Network?

The HP Digital Manufacturing Network is an exclusive network of top manufacturing companies using HP 3D printing technology to create high quality products. The network aims to provide manufacturers with advanced digital manufacturing solutions, helping to accelerate product development, optimize manufacturing processes and improve the final quality of products.

Benefits for Infomir 3D Printing and our customers

By joining the HP DMN, Infomir 3D Printing gets access to advanced 3D printing technologies, allowing us to leverage the latest industry trends and provide our customers with a world-class user experience.

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