Car wheel plugs

  • Model:

    car wheel plugs

  • Weight of each piece:

    285 g

  • Dimensions:

    155 x 44 x 154.14 mm

Client’s problem

A car owner needed to replace his car wheel plugs. However, these parts aren’t sold as separate items for his model, so he would have needed to replace the discs, which are expensive.


The client came to Infomir 3D Printing with a request to make four copies of a car wheel plug. The material had to be strong enough to bear the pressure of metal rings that pull fixtures together.


Infomir 3D Printing recreated the part’s model from scratch and printed the plugs within five days, helping the client save a few thousand hryvnias. The plugs fitted perfectly, as their shape was identical to that of the original parts.

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