What is medical 3D printing

We print medical equipment for doctors and health clinics. We make highly detailed prostheses, orthoses, as well as anatomical models of joints and organs. Not only that, but we use biocompatible HP PA 12 polyamide for printing.

3D printer in medical use (MJF Technology)

Orthopedic products

MJF Technology allows printing high-precision orthoses, extremity prostheses, and corrective insoles made from durable material. Finished products are resistant to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and chemicals. The print material retains its properties after post-processing.

Anatomical models

With 3D printing, you can make models of organs and body parts. Surgeons use them to better prepare and plan surgeries. Medical students use models to visualize patient pathologies. Dentists use the printed jaw models to make aligners and dental prostheses.

Personal protective equipment

HP Jet Fusion 5210 can create highly complex items. For example, items with a lattice structure, as well as products that snap together, and products that have parts within parts. It also enables the manufacture of protective masks and respirators. In a single cycle, you can print a batch of the same masks or products of different sizes.

Medical equipment

3D printing enables the making of plastic parts for medical equipment. For example, expansion adapters or valves for artificial respirators. These products serve to connect more patients to a single artificial respirator. The HP Jet Fusion 5210 printer can print parts as reliable as the originals, no matter how complex.

Partners will get a 30% discount on the total order amount

There is a permanent 30% discount for official partners. To get the discount, fill out the form and tell us about your 3D printing studio. Once we have processed your request, you will get a discount on the first and all subsequent orders.

The advantages of 3D printing in medicine



All products are printed from HP PA 12 polyamide. This material is non-irritating and safe in contact with intact skin. Even children’s toys are made from it.


Quick print

With Multi Jet Fusion Technology all models loaded into the printer can be printed simultaneously. Customers receive their orders within three days.


Complex forms

Additive manufacturing makes it possible to create products of any complexity and shape: chains, hinge joints, and nested structures. Parts do not have to be glued, soldered, or modified.



You can print parts with a corrugated, porous, or perforated surface. This makes it possible to manufacture lightweight and durable products.



Finished products have a dense homogeneous structure: parts do not crumble under mechanical stress. They can be drilled, sawn, and sanded.


Accurate Printing

Printed products are completely identical to the 3D model, and their accuracy does not depend on the volume of one print batch.


Finished products

The contractor is responsible for printing, cooling, and cleaning of parts. The customer receives ready-to-use products.



3D printing using MJF Technology is money-saving. Order costs depend on the mass of the printed products.


One order batch can consist of hundreds of unique copies. HP Jet Fusion 5210 printer technology produces up to 400 items in a single print cycle. You can pick up your order in 3–5 days.

Only a 3D model is required to place an order. The printer supports .stl formats with triangular polygons. For the product to be durable and easily cleaned of polymer powder residue, the model has to be prepared for printing.

For a complete list of preparation requirements, see the Model Printing Preparation Guide.

Our specialists work with ready-made 3D models. If you need to develop a model, we recommend trusted partners.

The HP Jet Fusion 5210 printer applies 80-micron polymer layers with a horizontal resolution of 1,200 × 1,200 dots per square inch (DPI).

Horizontal resolution is the maximum precision in XY printhead motions. The higher the value, the finer the detailing. Vertical resolution is the minimum thickness of the polymer layer applied in one pass. The thinner the layer, the smoother the product surface.

We guarantee that the printed items are safe. HP PA 12 polyamide is free of heavy metals, phthalates, and bisphenol-A. Even toys are printed from it.

The material meets European and American requirements for biocompatibility and fire safety.

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