1,500 jaw models per month for Orthos clinic

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  • Model:

    upper and lower jaws

  • Weight:

    18 g

  • Quantity:

    1,500 per month

Orthos has been making transparent teeth aligners since 2017. They provide kits containing several trays that the patient wears for 22 hours per day over a treatment course of 4–15 months.

For every patient, it is necessary to print between 30 and 60 unique jaw models. These serve as a base for polyurethane aligners. Size precision determines the comfort of the aligners and how successful the treatment will be.

Client’s problem

Once an agreement is signed with a patient, the clinic has 21 days to manufacture the aligners. This entails making and printing dozens of patient jaw models, after which the clinic must manufacture the aligners – all within the allocated timescale.

Orthos started receiving more orders than it could deliver on time. The clinic used a Stratasys printer with acceptable print quality, but rapidly increasing patient numbers made it impossible to manufacture the aligners within the 21-day time constraint.


Orthos contracted Infomir 3D Printing to accelerate the manufacture, thereby helping more patients. We guarantee the required precision. Our HP Jet Fusion 5210 line prints with 80 microns minimum layer thickness at 1,200 DPI. The source material is HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 biocompatible polyamide (nylon).

Each week, we manufacture 300–400 unique jaw models for the clinic. Our 3D printing line is ten times more productive than the Stratasys printer—we can create many times more if necessary, and the line can print 350 jaw models per day for Orthos.


Infomir 3D Printing delivers high-quality jaw models to the clinic on time, ensuring every patient receives their aligners when they expect them.

Client’s feedback

We need jaw models to manufacture aligners. We print so many of them, but at some point, it went beyond our capacity. So we asked Infomir 3D Printing for help, and now we can manufacture comfortable and effective aligners using their high-precision printing.

Taras Semeniuk,


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