Changeable tube filters for respirators by Kray Technologies

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  • Model:

    tube filters for respirators

  • Weight:

    15 g

Kray Technologies develops, designs, and manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for agricultural applications. The next-gen drones automatically fertilize and spray field crops, which is faster and cheaper than using diesel machinery.

Client’s problem

Kray Technologies needed respirator parts, namely changeable tube filters. Those had to be durable, light and made from a safe material. Manufacturing tube-shaped parts through molding are difficult and costly, while the FDM process doesn’t provide sufficient quality.


Kray Technologies prepared a 3D model and ordered the printing of tube filters from Infomir 3D Printing. We printed, finished, and shipped the batch within five days. The resulting products were durable and light, while the MJF process provided high precision.


The client received light and durable respirator parts constructed from HP PA 12 polyamide, a safe material for humans which is important because it’s in contact with the skin and respiratory organs.

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