Qudi emotional mask accessories

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    emotional mask accessories

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    20 g

Qudi is a Ukrainian startup that manufactures emotional masks with built-in LED panels on the outside to mimic human emotions or make robot impressions. Also, the device reacts to head movements. For example, if a user shakes their head, the panel will display a “No,” while “Yes” will be displayed if they nod approvingly.

The gadget can imitate lip movements when its owner speaks. This interactive device is used by beginner DJs, streamers, bloggers, and people who talk to large audiences and want to spice up their presentations. Users can control the LED panels using a built-in sensor button or an Android or iOS app.

Client’s problem

A ready-made motorcycle mask serves as the base for the electronics and additional plastic parts installed in it.

The startup has been manufacturing masks for more than 18 months. It tested different printing technologies for the frames during this time, including the traditional FDM method and casting.

Unfortunately, the products made through FDM printing were fragile and unreliable. Therefore, this method was only suited to making prototypes rather than finished products. Casting proved complicated, time-consuming, and costly, with an average output of 100–300 pieces. 

Solving the client’s problem

The company decided to try the powder printing technology offered by Infomir 3D Printing. Qudi’s developers provided 3D models of the parts they needed and received their set of finished pieces within a week. The parts had better quality and were more durable than those cast or manufactured through other processes. Furthermore, the MJF technology allows quick and inexpensive printing of limited batches of up to 300 pieces per month.


The startup now regularly orders printed parts for the Qudi masks from Infomir 3D Printing. The average printing output amounts to 300 pieces per month. The parts are sturdy and need no additional processing. The printing material is HP PA 12 hypoallergenic polyamide powder, which is important for gadgets in contact with the face. All orders are completed within one week and delivered on time.

Client’s feedback

“Our clients have never pointed out any difficulties or flaws in the frame. They always praise its good quality. It proves that the printing technology fulfills its tasks completely,”

Mykhailo Chumachenko,

Founder and CEO of Qudi.

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