Pusher for a coffee machine

  • Customer:

    private person

  • Model:

    pusher for a coffee machine

  • Weight:

    10 items each 7 g

Customer’s problem

The customer needed a set of levers to move the filler platform for the repair and servicing of coffee machines. Such accessories are not sold ready-made or are very expensive. The customer tried different types of 3D printing but they did not provide the necessary quality: the plastics could not withstand the load.

Problem solution

To print high quality levers, the customer contacted Infomir 3D Printing and provided a 3D model of the products. A set of 10 pushers was printed on the HP Jet Fusion 5210 production line using HP PA 12 polyamide. The technology and material used allows for the printing of products of any complexity. Moreover, the products are durable, lightweight, and resistant to various liquids and UV light.


The set of levers was printed within seven days and  were fully compliant with the required specifications. Thanks to Infomir 3D Printing, the customer quickly received the necessary components and saved on the purchase of scarce and expensive products.

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