Plugs for a military gas mask

  • Customer:

    private individual

  • Model:

    parts for a military gas mask

  • Weight:

    15 sets of 5 g each

Customer’s problem

A private customer needed to produce parts for a military gas mask to replace similar ones that had been lost. In total, it was necessary to print 15 sets of such parts, all sized 50x15x45 and weighing 5 g. The customer had tried to use FDM printing, but this manufacturing method did not give the required quality, while injection molding was too expensive for small-scale production. 

Problem solution

The customer contacted Infomir 3D Printing and provided a 3D model of the products. The order was manufactured on a Hewlett Packard Jet Fusion 5210 industrial 3D printing line. To produce the parts, HP PA 12 powdered polyamide was used. The technology and material allow for the production of durable products with a high level of detailing (up to 1200 DPI).


The sets of parts were printed and delivered to the customer within 5 days. The final products were robust, lightweight, and resistant to moisture and chemicals. Infomir 3D Printing helped the customer save money and time in manufacturing the parts, and to achieve the required product quality.

Order 3D printing

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