Knife handle covers

  • Customer:

    private person

  • Model:

    knife handle covers

  • Weight:

    20 pcs, 13 g each

Customer’s problem

A private customer needed to print a set of 20 knives for small-scale production. The dimensions of each product were 120x31x7 mm, with a weight of 13 grams. The finished handles had to withstand the stress of dropping or throwing the knife. FDM printing did not give the required quality and production by casting method was not financially viable for a small batch of products.

Problem solution

The customer turned to Infomir 3D Printing for help and provided a 3D model of the handle. The products were printed of HP PA 12 polyamide on an HP Jet Fusion 5210 production line. The technology and material allow printing objects with high detail and resistance to mechanical and chemical influences.

The result

The required items were printed, sandblasted, and painted within 5 working days. The handles are lightweight, durable, moisture and UV resistant. Thanks to Infomir 3D Printing, the customer saved money and received products that met the technical requirements.

Order 3D printing

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  • 4. We print the product
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