Headphone case for PigPug

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  • Model:

    headphone case parts

  • Weight:

    80 g

PigPug is a startup that developed a comprehensive neurotherapeutics system powered by artificial intelligence. It helps children with ADHD and ASD. The solution comprises four components: telemedicine online platform, data collection via EEG headphones, AI-powered diagnostics, and brain training games.

Client’s problem

The startup needed durable headphone cases to implement its solution. Since the users are active children, the headphone cases had to be robust, lightweight and made from a safe material, so the client did not consider FDM printing.

Headphones are an individual accessory, which means that every child needs the size and shape that fit. It would be time-consuming and costly to manufacture a mold for every model.


PigPug developed 3D models of headphone parts and sent them to Infomir 3D Printing. Within five days, we printed, finished, and shipped four sets of each to them. The parts were light and durable and followed the model precisely (0.3 mm error margin).


The startup promptly got high-quality parts. The printing material (HP PA 12 polyamide) makes the product environmentally friendly and safe for children. In addition, the 3D model can be adjusted and used to print a new set of parts at any time, so no extra time and money is needed as it would be with molding.

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