Microphone holder for Louder Hub

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    microphone holder

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    45 g

Louder Hub is a sound recording studio and rehearsals space in Odesa. Art and technology merges here, with the studio taking care of the technical part that allows musicians to focus on sound only. BoomBox, Pianoboy, Jah Khalib, MARU, and Dan Balan have all recorded here.

Client’s problem

Louder Hub uses many different types of equipment for recording and rehearsals, such as amplifiers, compressors, consoles, and other apparatus. In addition, the studio has 17 kinds of microphones, with several often used simultaneously when recording.

Microphone holders are necessary to set several microphones onto a stand. The best fit for the Louder Hub studio was the Royer AxeMount holder. Unfortunately, that was heavy and had a design flaw, as every time the microphone was set, it needed to be manually centered. A further problem was the holders had to be bought from abroad.


Louder Hub created a 3D model of their perfect microphone holder to print on a 3D printer. Unfortunately, 3D printing studios using FDM solutions were unable to produce them as they couldn’t achieve the resolution required to make a sufficiently robust, functional holder needed by the musicians. 

Infomir 3D Printing uses the Multi Jet Fusion technology, so Louder Hub chose us to print their holders. Our material and printing technology were a perfect fit because the HP Jet Fusion 5210 line offers a 1,200 DP resolution and 80 microns layer thickness, ensuring the holder has the correct dimensions. The microphones can be securely set right on center, and as the holders are made of HP PA 12 polyamide, they are as robust as cast items making them as durable as the original Royer AxeMount.


Louder Hub got an upgraded version of the original Royer AxeMount holder suited precisely to their needs. Now it’s easy for musicians to center microphones. What’s more, despite the printed holder being lighter and cheaper, it is robust as the original, plus is now has the studio’s own logo.

Client’s feedback

We requested Infomir 3D Printing to print a microphone holder that replicates the Royer AxeMount holder, but with some upgrades. The finished result is as robust as the original, yet lighter, plus the microphones are immediately centered and positioned correctly. Thank you, Infomir 3D Printing, for printing the holder that surpassed our expectations.

Ilya Shorin,

Expert at Louder Hub

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