Prototype of an unmanned aerial vehicle for Elliscope

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  • Model:

    airship mockup

  • Weight:

    1.5 kg

Elliscope is a Ukrainian startup developing unmanned airships. The devices will be used for terrain scanning and monitoring to obtain the data required for further analysis. The devices will be useful for:

  • farmers and agro-industry;
  • urban planning and infrastructure development;
  • communication complexes (broadcasting and retransmitting the radio signals);
  • cargo transport.

The Project provides that the devices will be controlled from the Flight Control Center. Data collection will be automated. It means that a person will not have to be on a mission location.

Client’s problem

The startup needed to print a miniature airship model to present it at Web Summit—the international conference. FDM technology was applied to print the pilot model. However, the finished model was not suitable in terms of strength and quality. Using the FDM printing, they failed to replicate the mockup’s complex elements, and the process itself took a lot of time. The startup team considered casting the product, but as it turned out, the fabrication of a mold for a single mockup was impractical.

Solution of Client’s problem

On the recommendation of other clients, Elliscope turned to Infomir 3D Printing for help. Using the MJF printing technology, they managed to print a robust case with great detail. The finished product turned out to be light and ready for display without any additional processing.


Elliscope promptly received a high-quality airship model. Due to the strong material HP PA 12, the product was delivered to the exhibition without damaging its fragile elements. The startup received helpful feedback at the exhibition, as well as several inquiries from investors.

In the future, Elliscope is planning to print, at Infomir 3D Printing, the components for its full-size airships. Thanks to the service, the startup can accurately calculate the production time and save on the production of parts.

Client’s feedback

We transported the prototype across Europe and did not notice a single flaw. The prototype withstood severe loads, and no damage was left, giving the fastest and highest quality printing possible.

Dmytro Blazhevskyi,

Elliscope, Digital Solutions Architect

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