Prototype of an unmanned aerial vehicle for Elliscope

The startup needed to print a miniature airship model to present it at Web Summit—the international...

Cases for electronics by Droid Technologies

The startup required rapid prototyping to check the devices’ build quality and overall performance. The builds were to help the company identify the devices’ weak points before they went into mass...

Headphone case for PigPug

The startup required durable headphone bodies for trial assembly. The parts had to be strong, light, and made from a safe...

Changeable tube filters for respirators by Kray Technologies

For production purposes, the company required durable and light respirator parts made from a safe...

3D printers help manufacturers and start-ups quickly and cost-effectively test their products before launching mass production. 3D printing capabilities and benefits don’‎t end there. Designed as an alternative to molding, the industrial printing solution HP Jet Fusion 5210 is perfect for small batch production.

This section shows what kind of business you can start using a 3D printer and how you can commercialize 3D printing.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

We will help you check the product design, launch full-scale production, print a model set or a medical product.

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